Friday, September 15, 2017

BMW vs. Mercedes.

This titanic battle continues in America.  So many people have narrowed down the choice between these two magnificent German cars.  There is no question that no matter which one you choose you are making a great decision by looking at these two top vehicles.  After you make the move, maintenance will become tantamount!

Let’s look at two top models.  The Mercedes C63 is the most expensive car in its class.  It has a great body and a beautiful interior.  Standard features include 19-inch wheels, LED lights, Nappa leather trim, and a panoramic sunroof.  The BMW M3 is $16,000 dollars less, but it is loaded with high-end equipment.  Check it out for yourself.

Whatever you decide on, be it a BMW or a Mercedes, most people around Denver know to trust The German Car Shoppe.  We are Denver’s main headquarters for German auto repair and maintenance and have been for many years.  Make an appointment at our Littleton location by calling (303) 798-2287.

Monday, September 11, 2017


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“The Denver Walk to End Alzheimer's has been held for over 20 years in Denver City Park and brings a crowd of about 10,000 people to honor those living with the disease, celebrate those who have lost their battle, and support caregivers.” - 303Magazine

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The ECM and PCM of your Mercedes.

You should not have to give a second thought to these acronyms, but it might be important to know what they stand for.  The engine control management computer and the powertrain control module are modern computers that receive inputs from nearly every system on the vehicle.  I think we can safely say that is the HEART of the matter!

How does it all work?  Battery power is supplied to the ECM, or PCM, and the ECM is programmed to send that electricity at a steady, regulated voltage to engine sensors, as well as other control units, and other devices on the network.  Every system in your Mercedes depends on the information it receives to function properly.

Now the important question.  Whom do you trust to fix your Mercedes’ “heart”?  The answer in the Denver area is always The German Car Shoppe.  We are Littleton and Denver’s ECM and PCM repair experts.  We are known throughout the country as a top electrical repair shop for German cars.  Call for an appointment at our Littleton location at (303) 798-2287.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Plan your next adventure with the Estes Park Events Calendar!

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"Estes Park is alive with a variety of events for all ages throughout each season! Schedule your visit around signature events like Jazz Fest, Autumn Gold, Elk Fest or the Fall Back Beer Festival, just to name a few."

Is Your German Car Ready for Changing Weather?

Soon, our beautiful summer days in the Denver area will give way to the ever-changing weather of fall and winter.  One day soon enough, you will wake up to freezing temperatures and snow on the ground.  We want you to be prepared because if you have lived around here for more than one change of season you know how quickly it happens.

If you drive a Mercedes, a Porsche, an Audi, a BMW, or Volkswagen you want to take particular care of your ride as we transition into harsh weather driving.  Having a repair shop that you can trust for EVERY maintenance job is essential.  You also need to know that your choice has all of the latest technology.

We have a winner!  Around here the answer has been the same for many years.  It is The German Car Shoppe.  They are your Denver area German Car repair and maintenance professionals.  The best news of all is that they offer dealership quality service, but only charge independent repair shop prices.  Discover The German Car Shoppe by calling for an appointment at their Littleton location (303) 798-2287.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Vikings: Beyond the Legend - Denver Museum of Nature and Science

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August 1, 2017 through August 13, 2017 - Denver Museum of Nature and Science

We Repair them…and Sell them.

So, you have been coming to us for years to have your German Car serviced.  Now it is time to move into a newer or different model.  You already trust The German Car Shoppe to keep your German manufactured vehicle in tip-top condition.  Why not trust the same company to offer you your next one?

Just a word about this, we offer quality German vehicles for sale.  Of course, you already know that you will get the best service in town if and when you need it.  Eventually, you will make a decision to look at models and prices.  We invite you to start here and get the best deal around.

The German Car Shoppe in Littleton Colorado is your Denver area headquarters for service and sales of German manufactured vehicles.  We invite you to visit our website at and view the gallery.  Then come in to our showroom and see the selection for yourself at 5115 S. Santa Fe Drive in Littleton or call (303) 798-8058.