Thursday, June 6, 2019

It’s Your Mercedes First Birthday!

Your Mercedes IS a bit like your child isn’t it.  And…just like a human baby it needs some TLC during and at its one-year anniversary.  If you care about your Benz as much as we do, you have consulted your owner’s manual and know exactly what a qualified Mercedes mechanic needs to do by the one-year mark.

Here are some reminders –

1.  Have the oil and filter changed.
2.  Clean and drain the air/water duct.
3.  Check the thickness of the brake pads.
4.  Correct the tire pressure.
5.  Adjust the cable slack on the parking brakes.

There are others, of course which are all part of the one-year maintenance of your Mercedes vehicle.  No one in the Denver area is better qualified to execute ALL of the steps than The German Car Shoppe.  They are located at 5115 Santa Fe Drive in Littleton.  Make an appointment for your Mercedes’ annual maintenance by calling (303) 798-2287.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Pass or Fail…Just like when we were kids.

Nothing changes very much over the years.  When you were in school you either passed or failed a particular class.  Now that you are an adult in the Denver area driving proudly in your German-owned or domestic car the results are the same.  When you go in for an emission check the DMV will either pass or fail your vehicle.

A catalytic converter is one of the most important emissions components of today’s gasoline engine.  It is part of the vehicle’s exhaust system and is responsible for keeping the vehicle’s hydrocarbon emissions beneath acceptable levels.  Its failure will usually activate a check engine light and will cause the vehicle to fail an emissions test.

You cannot afford to play fast and loose with your check engine light!  It will ultimately determine whether or not your car stays on the road.  The German Car Shoppe located at 5115 Santa Fe Drive in Littleton will thoroughly diagnose your vehicle and keep it ship-shape for summer travel around the Denver area.  Call for an appointment at (303) 798-2287.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Evacuating Your Vehicle’s A/C.

Here is a simple tutorial…a car’s air conditioning system needs to be evacuated as part of routine maintenance when the system needs to be recharged.  Depending on the automaker employing a wide array of air conditioning systems and components, these systems all perform the same basic function and follow standard air conditioning design.

Here is how the evacuation process works…connect the manifold air gauges.  Manifold air gauges consist of two gauges and three hoses, one red, one blue and one yellow. The red hose attaches to the high-pressure valve and the blue hose connects to the low-pressure, valve. High-pressure valves are found on the receiver bottle attached to the compressor, with the low-pressure valve below it and slightly to the front of it.

This is the art of maintaining and evacuating your vehicle’s air conditioning system.  Whether you have a German-owned car or not the choice for evacuating your car’s a/c is The German Car Shoppe located at 5115 South Santa Fe Drive in Littleton.  Wherever you are in the Denver area trust the mechanics at The German Car Shoppe.  Call ahead at (330) 798-2287. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

How Old is Old?

Well, in the world of cars that number has moved in recent years due to technology (and probably the economy).  Today, the average age of a vehicle on the road is nearly 11 years.  That’s right, some cars have been tooling around for 20 years or more!  That’s according the marketing research firm R. L. Polk.

Whom you trust to repair your German-owned car is more important than ever –

1.  Write down the things that you wish to tell your mechanic.
2.  Be realistic in your expectations of what can be done for the cost.
3.  Be available if they need to talk to you.
4.  Try not to deliver a hopelessly cluttered vehicle for repair.

If you want to feel that your German-owned vehicle is getting the best treatment possible then trust the company with their name right on the front door.  That is The German Car Shoppe located at 5115 S. Santa Fe Dr. in Littleton.  They proudly serve your auto repair needs throughout the Denver area.  Just give them a call at (303) 798-2287.

Monday, April 1, 2019

The All-Important Catalytic Converter.

What, exactly is a catalytic converter?  Well, it is a car component that works to reduce vehicle emissions and pollution.  It has a metal canister installed in the exhaust system and is filled with a chemical catalyst, usually a platinum and palladium mixture, that helps to convert the vehicle’s emissions into non-harmful gasses.

So, when do you know it needs to be repaired?

1.  A reduction in engine performance
2.  You hear rattling beneath your vehicle
3.  There is a noticeable sulfur smell
4.  The check engine light comes on

Most of us know what that last point means…you WILL fail the emissions test.  That, of course, is unacceptable!  If you have an inkling that your car’s catalytic converter is giving out, please call The German Car Shoppe in Littleton at (303) 798-2287.  For years they have been the right place to bring your German car in the Denver area at 5115 S. Santa Fe Drive in Littleton.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Evacuating your Car’s A/C.

What does that entail, exactly?  Evacuating is also known as discharging an automobile’s air conditioning system.  With the necessary tools and properly trained technicians it can be a simple and fast process.  Auto air conditioning systems need to be evacuated as part of the regular, routine maintenance when the system needs to be charged.

To evacuate an a/c system we may use –

1.  A digital vacuum gauge
2.  A vacuum pump
3.  Vacuum hoses
4.  Vacuum pump oil
5.  Nitrogen

Properly and expertly evacuating your German car’s air conditioning is just one of the many area’s of expertise we perform every day here at The German Car Shoppe.  Located in Littleton, CO we serve all of the Denver area’s German Car maintenance and repair needs.  Count on us by visiting our shop at 5115 S. Santa Fe Drive or call ahead at (303) 798-2287.

Monday, March 4, 2019

The Electrical System of your German Import.

Your German vehicle’s electrical system plays a vital role in the overall safety and performance of your ride.  Over time, or sometimes due to unforeseen events, you may experience problems with your German car that are directly traceable to your electrical system.  If this happens, you need to troubleshoot it immediately!

Some of the auto electrical repair services include –

1.  All of the wiring
2.  The fuses
3.  The alternator
4.  The battery itself

There could be a great deal of potential problems manifesting themselves under the hood of your fine German car.  Nobody in the Denver area is better equipped to find, repair, and replace electrical problems than The German Car Shoppe.  That is our name and what we do.  We repair German cars from our shop in Littleton, Colorado.  Call us for an appointment at (303) 798-2287.