Friday, March 16, 2018

Understanding the DCT.

So, what is this DCT thing?  It is the abbreviation for a dual-clutch transmission.  It is also known as a twin-clutch or double clutch.  It uses two separate clutches; one for odd and one for even gear sets.  In your German vehicle, think of it as two separate manual transmissions working within one housing as one unit.

Perhaps a more technical explanation may be that A dual-clutch transmission eliminates the torque converter as used in conventional epicyclic-geared automatic transmissions.  Just to give you a sense of history, the first series road production of the DCT was in the 2003 Volkswagen Golf.

Enough already!  We just want you to know that at Denver’s premier German Auto Repair facility we know every inch of your German car.  To keep your prized possession in tip-top condition give us a call for all of your maintenance needs at (303) 798-2287.  You’ll find us conveniently located at 5115 S Santa Fe Dr in Littleton.

Easter Weekend Denver 2018

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"Easter Weekend 2018 in Denver has a lot to offer for events, dining and more. Enjoy an Easter Sunday brunch in Denver or check out one of the family friendly events for Easter."

Friday, March 2, 2018

Please VOTE! The German Car Shoppe - Best of the Best 2018!

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Owning a Pre-owned Luxury Car.

Nothing…we mean nothing holds up, looks better, and gives you more pleasure than a beautiful used (new to you) Mercedes!  When you go shopping for a new ride, why not consider a used Mercedes rather than a brand-new domestic model.  We think you may be glad you did, and not only can we show you some models, but service them as well.

Here are some things you need to know about owning a used luxury car –

1.  It is cheaper than you might think. 
2.  The less the initial cost, the more repairs that will probably be needed.
3.  They are easy to repair…if you know the right people.
4.  It is simply better than most cars on the road today.

We invite you to visit our lot located at 5115 S Santa Fe Dr in Littleton, CO and take a look at our inventory.  We are The German Car Shoppe and we take great pride in not only offering Denver’s best German car service, but some great used models for sale as well.  Come on in or give us a call for a service appointment at (303) 798-2287.

Take a Drive Thru Mount Evans Scenic Byway

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"This high-altitude scenic drive climbs more than 7,000 feet in just 28 miles, reaching an altitude of 14,264 feet."

Friday, February 16, 2018

What is Bosch Financing?

Unless you are independently wealthy many auto repair jobs require financing.  Paying for repair on your vehicle does not have to break the bank!  There is something called Bosch Financing.  It is a practical and economical way of getting your German car back on the road.  This option is available to the people of the Denver area who trust The German Car Shoppe.

Let’s look at the advantages incorporated in Bosch Financing –

1.  No interest for 6 months upon approval
2.  Reasonable, low monthly payments
3.  A very generous credit limit
4.  No annual fee
5.  An easy application process

We are proud to offer Bosch Financing at The German Car Shoppe.  We have prided ourselves in offering stress-free German Auto repair for decades.  Give us a call for an estimate of your repair work on your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and other makes.  Located in Littleton, our phone number is (303) 798-2287.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

8th Annual Denver Mardi Gras 2018 - Feb 17th

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"Bourbon street is being created for your enjoyment, inside Exdo event center and Tracks Nightclub."