Thursday, September 14, 2023

Winter Auto Maintenance in Denver.

Anyone who has lived in this area for more than a season knows that those seasons are likely to change rapidly. It is not too early to schedule a maintenance check on your vehicle’s readiness for winter. The best place to do that in the Denver area is The German Car Shoppe located in suburban Littleton.

Here are some of the things that their seasoned mechanics will check -

1. They will check the battery and clean all the terminals.

2. Look at the tread on the tires.

3. Make sure that your system is in tip-top shape by carefully checking the coolant.

4. Maybe switch out the wiper blades.

The German Car Shoppe is trained in the art of allowing you to comfortably drive into another Denver area winter. It will be harsh, but you will be ready - thanks to the mechanics at The German Car Shoppe of Littleton. Schedule your winter maintenance check-up by calling (303) 798-2287.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Repairing the Motor Mounts on a Mercedes W123 Car.

Whenever you need the repair of a motor mount of your prized Mercedes car, count on the expert mechanics at The German Car Shoppe of Littleton.

Mounts attach the motor to the frame of your Denver area Mercedes while buffering the motor. This prevents excess vibration from being felt as you drive your Mercedes. The mounts play a critical role especially in the operation of a Mercedes W123. Mistakes are unacceptable! The key is to replace the mounts early, so as to avoid problems later, when it may become an expensive proposition.

The German Car Shoppe has a set of impressive credentials that have been earned over time by their highly-trained mechanics. The German Car Shoppe of Littleton is the right choice to trust with your German vehicle. Call them for an appointment at (303) 798-2287. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Wrap Up Summer 2023 on a High Note!

Labor Day is around the corner. Don't let the last long weekend of summer pass you by without marking the occasion. Whether you're looking for something to do near you or are ready for a road trip, we have plenty of ideas for you to consider. Visit and end summer on a high note!

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

German Car Maintenance is Important!

Proper maintenance of your German made vehicle is the key to its longevity and to keeping your family safe on the road. To receive the best care of your vehicle at affordable prices, you can rely on the mechanics at The German Car Shoppe of Littleton.

Here are just a few examples of services we perform to keep your car on the road - safely:

1. Change the spark plugs.

2. Repair the vehicle's transmission.

3. Fix a “cranky” clutch.

4. Repairing the engine. 

You put a lot of money into your investment. Taking care of it is imperative. Trust that job to The German Car Shoppe, located in suburban Littleton. Call this number for a service appointment (303) 798-2287 and visit to see all of the services they offer.

Friday, July 14, 2023

It’s the Starter not The Battery.

Last time we addressed the opposite situation. When your vehicle grinds instead of starting, is it the battery or the starter? When that question is answered, only then do you know what steps to take to get back on the roads of the Denver area. The German Car Shoppe of Littleton will repair or replace your car’s starter.

It is time to replace your vehicle’s starter when -

1.  There is a whining or grinding noise coming from it.

2.  The starter is covered in oil.

3.  Smoke emanates from under the hood.

The German Car Shoppe, located at 152 W. Rafferty Gardens in suburban Littleton CO, is always the answer when your car’s starter conks out. The German Car Shoppe is so much more than just starters and batteries. See the bigger story at Always call this number for service (303) 798-2287.

Monday, July 3, 2023

It is the Battery, not the Starter.

A lot of people make this mistake wherever cars are driven…even if it is not a German-made vehicle. They ignore their aging battery and believe that their car’s starter has gone bad. It is important to know when your vehicle’s battery is about to die. The German Car Shoppe of Littleton, CO wants to help.

Here are some signs of a dying battery-

1. Your taillights may be flickering.

2. The lights on your dashboard are getting dimmer.

3. The car becomes more and more difficult to start.

As soon as you notice any of those signs, make your next trip into The German Car Shoppe. Drivers in the Denver area have been trusting The German Car Shoppe for auto repairs for decades. A failing battery is certainly NO exception! When you have a mechanical problem with your car call them at (303) 798-2287. See their many services at

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Dealership Quality on Mercedes Service.

When you need repair work of any kind on your Mercedes automobile, you can ALWAYS trust The German Car Shoppe located at 152 West Rafferty Gardens Ave in the Denver suburb of Littleton, CO. What do you care about most? You are concerned that you will get the same quality of service that you do at the Mercedes dealership at a fair price.

Here are some common Mercedes repair issues -

1. Fuel and hydraulic injection.

2. Ball joints.

3. Intake manifolds.

Mercedes is a brand of vehicle that you’ve come to trust over the years because it seems like the engine lasts “forever”! If you trust your Mercedes service issues to The German Car Shoppe of Littleton, you leave your worries at the bay. The German Car Shoppe services Mercedes in the greater Denver area. Just call (303)798-2287. Visit